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PTX Official is the leading online platform dedicated to providing accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information about the innovative world of technology and gadgets. Our mission is to empower tech enthusiasts and professionals with comprehensive knowledge and insightful analysis, enabling them to make informed decisions in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our Vision

At PTX Official, we envision a future where people from all walks of life are equipped to embrace and harness the power of technology for personal, professional, and societal advancement. We aspire to be the go-to source for tech-related insights, trends, and product recommendations, catering to diverse audiences worldwide.

History of PTX Official

In 2010, Richard Simon, a revolutionary mind with an unmatched passion for technology, founded PTX Official. He recognized the immense influence that technology wielded over our lives and resolved to create a platform that would simplify the complex world of gadgets for everyone. With his extensive expertise in the field, Richard curated a team of expert writers and editors who shared his vision for delivering quality content to readers worldwide.

Founder – Richard Simon

Richard Simon, an industry veteran, boasts an illustrious career spanning two decades. Starting as a technology journalist, he quickly gained recognition for his unrivaled ability to demystify complex concepts into accessible insights. His inquisitive mindset and dedication to providing accurate information propelled him to launch PTX Official, serving as a trusted hub for technology enthusiasts globally.

Purpose of Website

Driven by the desire to bridge the gap between consumers and technology, the PTX Official website is a pivotal resource for individuals seeking insightful information. Recognizing that consumer buying patterns had shifted significantly towards online platforms, Richard Simon and the team set out to create a convenient, authoritative platform where all could find trusted technology advice.


PTX Official aims to educate, inform, and entertain its diverse audience by delivering the latest news, reviews, and buying guides. By offering a wealth of knowledge, our platform helps readers to navigate the fast-paced technological advances and to stay ahead in the digital world.

Target Audience

Our website is tailored for a wide range of audience profiles, including novice users who are just stepping into the world of technology, experienced professionals in search of advanced insights, and avid enthusiasts hungry for the latest tech news. PTX Official ensures that its content is accessible and engaging for all, regardless of level of expertise.

Unique Value of PTX Official

With a team of highly skilled and experienced editors and contributors, PTX Official goes the extra mile in sourcing and verifying information to bring our readers authentic content. We take pride in the quality of our articles, ensuring that the information provided is both accurate and impactful. Moreover, PTX Official supports informed decision-making by offering objective reviews, cutting-edge analysis, and comprehensive product comparisons.

Join us at PTX Official, where we explore, enlighten, and inspire the world through the lens of technology. Together, let us shape a future filled with limitless possibilities driven by knowledge and innovation.

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